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Autumn in Kentucky

History and Mission

What is The Kentucky Claims Commission?

The governor-appointed, three member Kentucky Claims Commission operates under the authority of KRS Chapter 49 and Title 802 of KAR.  In situations where there is no other source of payment, the board determines eligibility and amount of reimbursement to crime victims for qualifying expenses incurred as a result of violent crime. Each term is three years. Membership must include one member that is a victim, family member of a victim or victim advocate.

Historical Overview
The Crime Victims Compensation Board was enacted in 1974 and established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1976, the 14th state to do so. The National Association of Crime Victims Compensation Boards was established in 1977. The Victims of Crime Act, as part of a national movement in support of crime victims, was passed in 1984. The Kentucky Claims Commission continues to fulfill its mission of assisting victims of crime.
Mission Statement 
To ensure an impartial and fair review of all claims, compensating qualifying victims of criminally injurious conduct for financial losses incurred due to the physical and psychological injury or death resulting from a violent crime. In the process victims will be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.