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Sexual Assault Program

The Crime Victims Compensation Board, as set forth in KRS 216B.400, is a payor of sexual assault exams (also referred to as SAFE exams) through the Sexual Assault Examination (SAE) Program.  The SAE Program operates under the authority of KRS 346.200KRS 216B.400 and KAR 107 2:010. 
SAE providers should submit the required payment forms to the CVCB SAE Program after first billing any existing private or public medical insurance providers.  Any remaining uncovered expenses are paid by the CVCB directly to SAE providers.
KRS 216B.400(9) prohibits the hospital, the sexual assault examination facility, the physician, the pharmacist, the health department, the sexual assault nurse examiner, other qualified medical professional, the victim's insurance carrier, or the Commonwealth from billing the victim.  
Victims are not responsible for filing a claim with the SAE Program and should not receive medical statements from the facility that performed the sexual assault examination. The victim may, however, be charged for expenses not related to the examination process (e.g., ambulance expenses, follow-up care, hospitalizations, surgical procedures).  In such cases, the victim may file a separate with the CVCB for these expenses by clicking here.
Forms for payment of services related to a sexual assault exam, including HIV post –exposure treatment, can be accessed by by clicking here, and selecting/clicking on the desired form. Contact legal counsel G. Mitchell Mattingly at


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