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Kentucky Claims Commission

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The Kentucky Claims Commission oversees the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund, hears tax appeals and handles negligence claims against the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We’ve Moved!
 The Kentucky Claims Commission is now located in the Mayo-Underwood state office building. 

The address is:

Kentucky Claims Commission
Mayo-Underwood Building
500 Mero Street, 2SC1
Frankfort, KY 40601​

Crime Victims' Compensation Fund Program
The Crime Victims Compensation programs assists more than 1,000 victims of violent crime per year who have no other resources to pay for the medical, funeral, mental health counseling, and dental or corrective lens expenses resulting from the crime.  Assistance can also include lost wages of the victim or loss of support for someone dependent on the victim. When awarded, payments are made directly to service providers or can be reimbursements to victims or claimants.  The Commission's goal is to provide not only the above-mentioned assistance, but also to show empathy to crime victims during a particularly traumatic time.

Crime Victims Compensation Application Information

FAQ's for Crime Victims Compensation


Sexual Assault Exam Program
Crime Victims Compensation is a payor of forensic sexual assault exams through the Sexual Assault Examination (SAE) Program.  
SAE providers should submit the required payment forms to the CVC SAE Program after first billing any existing private or public medical insurance providers.  Any remaining uncovered expenses are paid by the CVC directly to SAE providers, subject to regulatory caps pursuant to 802 KAR 3:020.. 

State law prohibits the hospital, the sexual assault examination facility, the physician, the pharmacist, the health department, the sexual assault nurse examiner, other qualified medical professional, the victim's insurance carrier, or the Commonwealth from billing the victim.  

Victims are not responsible for filing a claim with the SAE Program and should not receive medical statements from the facility that performed the sexual assault examination. The victim may, however, be charged for expenses not related to the examination process (e.g., ambulance expenses, follow-up care, hospitalizations, surgical procedures).  In such cases, the victim may file a separate claim for these expenses with the CVC program.

For more program information click on the links below:

HIV Prophylaxis Billing Forms

Victims of Homicide Memorial

Tax Appeals

The Kentucky Claims Commission provides an independent, impartial and neutral forum for hearing and resolving disputes on tax issues in a timely, cost-effective alternative to the court system. In order to ensure impartial decision making, the Claims Commission is organized under the Public Protection Cabinet and is completely independent of any of the taxing authorities that may appear before the Commission. 

In accordance with Supreme Court Rule 3.020, if the appealing party is a corporation, trust, estate, partnership, joint venture, LLC, or any other artificial legal entity, the entity must be represented by an attorney on all matters before the Commission, including the filing of the petition of the appeal. If the petition of appeal is filed by a non-attorney representative for the legal entity, the appeal may be dismissed.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tax Appeals

Hearing Guide

Negligence Claims
The Claims Commission ensures an impartial and fair review of all claims filed by citizens who believe their person or property has been damaged through negligence on the part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Commission acts under the authority of KRS Chapter 49 and KAR Title 802 to determine whether a state agency has been negligent, consequently causing damages, loss or injury to a claimant. Anyone may file a claim with KCC-Claims for damages incurred.  A claim will be reduced by the amount a claimant is entitled to receive from any other source, including private medical or vehicle insurance (also known as offsets).

Frequently Asked questions regarding Negligence Claims

Claim Form

Subpoena Form

Hearing Officer Subpoena Form

Agency Answer Form

Agency Links

Commission Meeting Notice

The Kentucky Claims Commission meets regularly at 9 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 40601.